Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas in Springfield

Here's a little video that Thanos and I made in 1987.

It's kind of like A Christmas Carol, but not.

I put the easy-to-view low-res video here on the blog, but those of you with nice big computers and Quicktime plug-ins can go watch the nicer-quality video here.


Amanda Castleman said...

Ms Jacobs just rocks. So do you, Marie. Great video.

Carl Potts said...

At about 4:10 into this, we see a large model of the cargo ship from Space: 1999. I would have loved to hear Elizabeth Jacobs' reason for including that particualr item in her Christmas display along with Jesus and Santa!

Marie said...

She said "The boys love that." But I couldn't fit it into the video, already at over 5 minutes. She also talked a lot about her religion and the missions her church has overseas.

Stephanie Scott said...

This is lovely - I began to cringe when you arrived at the house, thinking, "oh, please don't be snotty; please don't sneer," but the rest was just well judged, or edited, and balanced between humor and affection, or respect - all good. And here is my first message, as promised. Thanks for coming out with us last night - it was too short. You looked great and seemed really well.