Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: A Look Back

Well, that really sucked.


jbabcock said...

That year was FANTA-- um.

You're $%#&ing right.
It was the worst year in recorded history.

But it is OBAMA TIME NOW, bitches!
Take THAT!



Sara Kocher said...

Sing it, sister. A few bright spots, sure, but overall...not so hot.

John Bligh said...

I, for one, am amused La Paz is located at the perfect altitude designed to make lazy Americans nauseous and headachey!

Happy New Year, Marie!

Linda said...

While you were busy having a crummy year, you got a book published, taught a class, and learned to sew. Not bad!

But I sincerely hope that 2009 turns out to be an excellent year for you, Marie!

Unknown said...

You certainly have a way with words, Marie. ;)

Marie Javins said...

Calling a spade a spade, dontchya know.

Amanda Castleman said...

More dosas and passpot stamps in 2009 – those always help! Hugs, Ax