Sunday, November 09, 2008

Welcome to New York, Now Go Home

This sign is posted in front of the Woolworth Building. Which made me wonder, since I'm not a tourist, could I march right in?


Anonymous said...

If only! It is paranoid and selfish and wrong that one of the most beautiful lobbies in the city is closed to visitors. Those security people are beasts in there. If you walk through the door with even a hint of curiosity in your eye (as I have done several times), they pounce right on you and start yelling. But you usually have enough time to get a general idea of the place.

I did feel smug once when I had a legit appointment in there, so I took my sweet time, ogling and dawdling all the way up to the desk, with the security people shouting, and _then_ I said I had an appointment. And then the person I had the appt with even brought me back down and gave me a personal tour around the lobby. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Right on!!