Sunday, November 30, 2008


I took the PATH to the Amtrak to the Metro yesterday, to get from my home in JC to where I met my mother, sister, and the Other Marie for an afternoon, before I took the Metro to the Amtrak to the PATH to get back home just after midnight.

My mother posted a photo of me and the Other Marie on her blog.The Other Marie has her eyes open in that one.

One of the day's highlights was when a certain person that I know pulled her wallet out of her coat pocket in Staples and as she pulled it out, a Tampax flew up in the air and landed on the floor at Staples. The cashier, a dignified older man, didn't miss a beat and stared straight up like he hadn't seen it, though my mother and I were collapsing in giggles while the other person grabbed the Tampax and shoved it back into her coat.

Staples Alexandria Duke Street cashier: All class.

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Max Hartshorne said...

funny story Marie. boy you are prolific! A world class blogger!