Saturday, November 22, 2008

Knitting With Marie

I went to my second (and final) knitting class last night with Roberta and Michael Kraiger. There's a new coffee shop dedicated to knitting in JC, so it seemed wise to take advantage of it while it is still here. This new shop could surprise me and be in business in a year—it sells coffee, after all—but it does seem bit too nichey to survive. Knichey. Whatever.

I was discouraged. Roberta showed up with a good six inches of knitted red scarf, perfectly stitched. Kraiger had done even more, though less perfectly. I'd had a great deal of practice and "casting on" (loading up one stick at the start) and the "knit stitch" (the basic movement that is the basis for knitting), because I'd screwed up about 12 times, and had to rip out what I'd done to start over.

But every time I finished a few rows, I'd end up with a big knot. This repeated itself in front of the others. I pulled the mess off the needle and dangled it in the air.

"I'm good at sewing," I whined plaintively. "You can't be good at everything."

"She's a perfectionist." Kraiger dismissed the teacher's concerns when the teacher worried that she hadn't taught me well.

I glared at him, thinking "You'll pay for that Monday, when you are my assistant at work."

I hate knitting. I am a lousy knitter. That's fine, I suppose. I can leave knitting to those who appreciate it.

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Kevie Metal said...

Aren't you punishing the poor guy enough, making him take a knitting class?