Sunday, August 31, 2008

Six Flags Over Comic Book People

I found this souvenir viewer thingy in the cassette tape box.

What the hell is it, I thought. Peering in the lens (before I tore it apart), I saw a transparency of me and a bunch of comic book professionals. We were at Six Flags Over Texas. This had to be either a convention or a Marvel Mega-Tour. So it was between, oh, 1992 and 1994.

From left to right...well, I'm not sure. I think it might be Steve Epting. Can anyone help me out here? Then it goes: Lisa Patrick, me, Dan Chichester, Richard Ashford, I have no idea, and in the back is Marc McLaurin.


Linda said...

How did you photograph such a little image?

Marie Javins said...

Just threw it on the scanner and turned it up to 600 dpi.

I probably should have tried the transparency adapter, now that I think about it.

Steve Epting said...

Hey Marie, that is me on the far left and you're right, this was one of the Marvel Mega-Tours. Pretty sure it was in '94.

Also, I think the guy on the far right is Lou Harrison, who was doing painted covers for Marvel at the time.

Marie Javins said...

Steve! I'm glad I got that sort of right, at least. And I suspect that behind DG Chichester is Paul Ryan. But who for Lou Harrison, that sounds right. Can I have some of whatever you are taking to keep your memory working so well?