Friday, August 29, 2008

Today's Travel Quotes

    "Throughout the journey, I had had the same feeling that I had not been "abroad" anywhere, that I had simply moved through different dimensions of a single human contemporaneity."
    —passage from "The Naked Tourist," by Lawrence Osborne

    "Ever since I've been in hostile countries, I no longer feel foreign in any of them. I never go "abroad" any more."
    —passage from In the White Cities by Joseph Roth, quoted in "The Naked Tourist," by Lawrence Osborne

    "There's something deeply lonely about being a tourist."
    —Novelist Deb Olin Unferth in this week's Time Out New York "Books" interview.

All three of these are definitely true for me. But bizarrely, I feel quite at "home" when I'm moving through the world, but feel foreign here at home.

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Marc Siry said...

That's because no one in your neighborhood speaks English [rimshot]

Your pal,