Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shedding Vinyl

Last time I moved, I swore to never move my records again. That's why all but the 45s are still in the garage.

I have everything I need to get vinyl out of my life. Turntable with amplifier, RCA cables, USB cable, USB Digital Audio Processor borrowed off of Babc0ck, record cleaner, and several hundred semi-rare indie 45s collected between 1982 and 1995.

Don't worry. I'm not planning to save it all as tinny MP3s. This Babc0ck-machine combined with his recommended software is going to make CD quality recordings. I'll import them into iTunes once I've saved them all as high-quality files to CD. I'll probably need his help initially. He's obsessed with sound.

What will I do with all these records once I'm done? I'm not sure. Some of them are just trash. But a quick browse across the Web informs me that the 45s alone are worth hundreds. Maybe I can get a portion of that if I sell them to the famed vinyl story in Princeton. I'll do some reconnaissance in a few weeks, when Henry the Ford and I taxi Craig to school, where he is gonna teach the kiddies some of that video-journo stuff like he did in Cairo.


azure said...

I just bought an inexpensive turntable for my husband and we dragged out all of the LPs. He thinks he's figured out how to import the records. It's been fun listening to them. The album art and the record sleeves are a scream! I want to do a series just on the record sleeves. Don't have any 45s

Marie Javins said...

I thought about buying one of those USB turntable that plugs right into your computer, but I think the results from a real turntable-amplifier-processor should be better.