Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Lonesome Sadness of Fat Boy

Every once in a while, Daniel Johnston* used to send me art.

Sometimes it was topical and related to me, and other times it was his usual cast: Captain America, the Red Skull, the Frog, the torso, Satan, and/or Cap's Duck Army.

I came across a stack of pages yesterday. They all make me laugh, but this one cracked me up. Mr. Romance here, Fat Boy, might be Daniel himself, or he might just be a character that Daniel was thinking of. This might be an ironic take on romance and the human condition, or maybe it's just what was on Daniel's mind that last time he was in the bathroom.

*Daniel is a semi-known indie musician and outsider artist. We used to be friends, though I haven't kept up with him in a few years. You can hear me talking to him a little in the documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston," which used some of my footage. I still have the best stuff, which was shot on VHS and couldn't make the transition to the big screen without being unwatchable.

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