Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kitty Chow

I've been unpacking right here, "live" for months. But I'm kind of done.

Except that I still have a few ongoing projects. I'm going through old papers and clothes. When spring comes, I have to tackle the garage. Soon I'll start converting vinyl to CD (some of it really can't be had on CD). And I'm still organizing old photos and negatives into binders.

I stumbled over these charmers today, in the "Serengeti" photo box. Tasty!


Linda said...

Mmmm, dinner!

Speaking of albums, I just finished putting photos in albums from the year 2000. To say nothing of the 1989-98 pictures that are still in their envelopes. (In my defense, the photo classes that I took in the early 90's generated an awful lot of prints.)

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures. Bringing down a buffalo is never that easy but a meal like that can feed them fo a week. Lions sure are big cats.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Buffaloes vs lions. The revenge.

It's quite something...