Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Clever Plan

Today's news is this:

-I ordered three new replacement windows. But it will be 4-6 weeks before they are installed, but which time I will probably have become a frozen mummy as it has suddenly become cold in JC.
-It might snow here tonight. In celebration, you might read my Antarctica article.
-There is now a Mango store on Broadway at Prince Street. The clothes, not the fruit.
-The food truck has not been on my street all week. O' where could our food truck be?

But mostly, there is no news because it's all been about the day job for the last few weeks. I've been spending my waking hours making myself dizzy with all this day-job work.

But a part of me wonders if it is all an elaborate self-deception designed to help me avoid writing my book proposal.

This hippo in the 3-D program "Maya" was made by Captain M in Cairo when he heard I was writing a book called Curse of the Hippo.

1 comment:

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Good fun. Tell him to take it into ZBrush to detail it. Great program.