Sunday, October 14, 2007

Losing the Habit

After Turbo and I split up, after I finished writing books on tent camping, I camped a lot less.

But for years afterwards, I eagerly rushed into every camping store I saw. It took a long time for me to break that habit.

And now, having retired young from real estate and rehabbing ancient properties, I find myself learning to resist the call of Home Depot, or the tool section at the dollar store. I have a garage full of tools. They once planed and sawed. Now they are effective dust-gatherers.

But hardest to kick is the Open House habit.

It's Sunday, my second Sunday back in JC. The day is glorious, the sky a vivid blue, the leaves still richly green and just starting to show hints of yellow. The South Asians are playing cricket in the tennis court, the Latin Americans playing volleyball just behind them.

And everywhere, there are signs. "Open House! 1-4."

Normally, I'd visit every one of them. I like to know exactly what is happening in the JC real estate market, and what if the perfect property comes on the market?

Instead, I resist. It's not time yet. I don't even know if I'll live here or in Cairo. And if I'm going to live here, there no reason to buy now, while prices are still creeping down and property taxes are climbing up. No buying. For sure.

And for now, I forbid myself to even look.

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