Sunday, February 25, 2007

Minimalist Office

Here is my office, decorated in printouts of next month's comic book. It looks a little sparse. I'll have to ask the Kuwait office to send me some posters with the next Mac that flies over.

The best thing about my office is that to get internet, you have to pick up the reception phone and dial "9." And then you only get internet for half a minute. This is cool because it means I get to work from home tomorrow, since it won't be fixed until Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

ohh, now i know why you don t want to stay there. looks a little bit like fridge ;-)
Do you have at least a nice view?


Marie Javins said...

No! I had to choose between sharing an office-with-view with several translators, or having a little box of my own. I decided on the box as it is strategically wise to have one's own office, plus it is next to the editor-in-chief (my point being "You're all supposed to listen to me, okay?"). But the view ain't much to brag about. Some walls, a desk. That's it.

Unknown said...

Rob does the same thing with his comic pages. :)

Hey Marie, can you email me some details about the comic company? I'd like to post something at ComicMix.

Linda said...

A really BIG poster would help! I'd go for an outdoor scene to imitate a window. Or even a decorative mirror.

Marie Javins said...

Oh no... please... no more mirrors. Cairo seems full of them.