Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bargain Hunting

I love the two-pounds-fifty store.

It's like the dollar store at home. I went there to supply my tiny kitchen. The kitchen has a brand-new cooktop, microwave, and electric kettle. But nothing to cook in except one Teflon-coated brand new frying pan. Now this'll stuff'll kill ya, sure enough, so I wouldn't touch it without first buying a rubber or plastic spatula. (Forks and metal utensils scratch the Teflon, which you then ingest--a very bad thing.)

The two-pounds-fifty store didn't have pots for cooking rice or pasta, so I had to splurge at Alfa Mart. About $12 for two. (Ouch!)

But the rest awaited me right down the street, in the same building as my gym. Everything in this little store is--you guessed it--only two-and-a-half Egyptian pounds.

Here's what I bought there:
  • wooden spoon set
  • can opener
  • dishwashing liquid
  • cleaning sponges
  • plastic spatula
  • cutting board

The two-pounds-fifty store is not actually as good as the dollar store. The selection was smaller and a lot of it was just a neverending supply of nail polish. But it has one advantage over the dollar store.

Two-pounds-fifty is only forty-four cents.

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