Monday, September 08, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I came across these photos of my old building, from when I lived on Avenue B in the 90s.

I didn't remember it looking quite like this, but I guess there's a reason it was so cheap back in the day.


Don Hudson said...

I remember the place. I wish I was smart enough to have bought a place in that building back then.

Matt Hollingsworth said...

I'll post some Croatian graffiti for you sometime. A lot of it is about Ante Gotovina not being a war criminal and Ustasha symbols. Gotovina is a general who's on trial in the Hague on war crime charges but the nationalists here love him. Ustasha is the regime that is also nationalist and created an "independent" Croatia under the Nazis during WW2. So seeing the Ustasha U in graffiti is akin to seeing a swastika.

But anyway, that's some purty graffiti you have there! I hate tags.

Linda said...

I remember that when we went to look at the apartment, there were no lights on inside. I think I would have been scared if we hadn't spent years living in Delray with crazy neighbors. And you were sure that the place had potential so that convinced me.


Marie said...

I had no way of knowing what a great investment it would be. All I know was that I had the $5,650 down payment, and that by buying this condo. I could afford a real apartment in Manhattan. Without roommates.

It made sense as a home, not as an investment.

And then I got lucky.

Marie said...

And about those crazy neighbors...I'm working on a project about that. Thanos and Denise are helping me.