Friday, September 19, 2008

My Office

Have I really been back here for almost a year?

That bothers me. It doesn't seem like that long.

Here is where I sit all day on weekdays. I can't say that I love to go to work, but it feels healthier than sitting at home freelancing all day.


Matt Hollingsworth said...

No hippo statues? No cow drawings? Or are there cow drawings back in that corner?

Looks like the office of someone who doesn't wanna be there.

Marie Javins said...

No cow drawings. I don't mind having a place to go to work, but I guess I don't really have the same attitude towards personalizing things as I used to have. I don't even have those up at home. Actually, they're in a portfolio in my garage!

I have a small lucky pocket hippo, but so far it seems to achieved the opposite effect of its intent.