Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wouldn't Be the First Time

As regular readers know, I currently have a day job. One with a lot of responsibility, in a labor-intensive field. I go to an office every day, spending 17 minutes standing on the train while reading a book. At night, I get another 17 minutes of reading in before the PATH doors open and a big, constipated mob of people bursts forth out of the sliding doors, scrambling for access to the stairs that will take us all above ground.

But as regular readers also know, I've been searching for some kind of meaning and inspiration in my routine. I criss-crossed the world so many times from 2001-2008 that I no longer have a home, don't have many local friends, and missed out on the things that others complain about—family, partner, house.

I'm not one to sit still, and ultimately, I am a problem-solver. I've tackled my worries head-on, searching for answers in social events, workshops, gatherings, and classes. Surely there is a way to stay home and still get the charge I find in challenges on the road.

Results have been limited. Still, I try. What other answer is there?

Right now, I am taking a Monday and Tuesday night writing workshop. To be honest, it's been ludicrous so far, but it's only happened twice. That runs until June, with regular school-style holidays (a winter break and a spring break). I am also teaching comic book coloring on Wednesday nights at a visual arts school. That is also continuing until June. That has been more successful, but I have been disappointed that I'm not a natural in front of the kids.

I won't have the opportunity to travel much while I am taking/teaching these courses, so I already planned ahead for winter break. I'd like to go to Bolivia, and I had enough frequent flyer miles to get to Peru, so I booked a free ticket. I'll fly from Lima to La Paz, returning by going first overland to Peru at Lake Titicaca. And given my tight schedule, I plan to travel with a small group operator, such as GAP or Intrepid. (Added bonus: I'll be gone for New Year's. It's never too early to start avoiding New Year's.)

But now, the State Department has issued a Bolivia advisory. We're supposed to defer all non-essential travel to Bolivia.

Just my luck.

I'll keep an eye on it and decide in a few months.

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