Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Crime Was Fishing

I realize that now I am getting REALLY obscure, but this was on one of the cassette tapes I was digitizing. I didn't record it; surely Jim "Rev. Cool" Carter of Dayton did back in the mid-eighties. But I probably played it a few times on my college radio show.

If memory serves, and sometimes it doesn't, I think the crime in question was fishing without a license.

The band recorded here really spoke to me in college. They would have even if my then-boyfriend's band hadn't covered their song "Rebel Kind." Even if I hadn't snagged the Rank and File Sundown promo LP from the giveaway pile at the radio station I interned at in high school. No secret why the True Believers spoke to me. I was on full financial aid.
Some folks are born to walk,
While others get to ride.
It sure looks easier
On life's other side.

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