Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chasing Waterfalls

The little camera does all right on the video end, but when I start taking it abroad, I'm going to have to do something about the audio.

Yancey and I took the New York Water Taxi sunset tour on Wednesday night. It was loads of fun, but I'm going to do this trip again on a sailboat when Steve and Cat come to town later in the month.


Ed Ward said...

Gotta say, with all the hype that work's gotten, I find myself a bit underwhelmed. Will wait for your next instalment, though; could just be the water-taxi didn't get you close enough to where you could document what the shouting's about. Or it could be that this guy, much written about, isn't as interesting as he seems.

Marie said...

They are a bit underwhelming. I had that same reaction the first few times I saw them. "That's it?" But at night, they're quite beautiful.

I think I like the concept better than the execution.