Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hut, Hike, Horse

We could have taken a taxi-bus-Jeep combination to get to our little hut at Tayrona National Park, but it was easier to just book a car-and-driver for the hour-or-so trip into the coastal rainforest. This way we didn't have to drag our bags in and out of crowded public buses. Sierra Tours in Taganga gave us a taxi to Canaveral in the park for about $32. (And back to Santa Marta Airport the next day for $38.)

The 37,000 acre park is relatively undeveloped, so we were surprised at the luxury of the huts, called "ecohabs." Upstairs was the bedroom—including DirecTV, wi-fi, and phone. The windows opened to an incredible sea view of violently crashing (and loud) waves. Downstairs was a luxurious bathroom, mini-bar, hammock, coffee maker, and dining table.

We were both given cherry lemonade on arrival. After leaving our bags in the hut, we took off for a hike.

I was feeling cranky and a little resentful at hiking instead of laying in the hammock and doing nothing. But I got to ride a horse on the way back, so I perked up.

At least, until I smacked my head on a low-hanging branch. Ouch. And lived to tell the tale.


Anonymous said...

are you guys seriously staying at the ecohabs? you guys are missing the real tayrona, the true paradise! you guys are missing on the amazing 45 min hike through the jungle to get to one of the camps, it's such a magical place and the only way to discover it is to do it the "backpacker" way, walking along deserted beaches, watching the sunset while resting on a boulder, camping out or just simply sleeping on the beach, bonfires with other backpackers and Colombians, drinking rum and aguardiente and singing all night! it's a gorgeous place don't waste this opportunity; go to arrecifes, la piscina, and Cabo! Cabo is just amazing, imagine LOST but three times better

Ecohabs are rip off! you're not experiencing the "real" locombia as they call it, the crazy country! There are no wors to describe Tayrona but you can only find that out by experiencing it yourself

Kurt W.

Marie said...

I *loved* the one night we spent in the Ecohab. Oh no, my backpacker cred is shot!!

Anonymous said...

i think you misunderstood my point; tayrona is the kind of place that youd be better off sleeping in a hammock than in a luxurious hut; it's the calmness and simplicity of the place and believe me, one night is not enough to experience it.

Kurt W

Marie said...

I understood your point. Your point is that you loved Tayrona and the experience that you had, and wanted to share it. By accident, it was cast in terms that came across as "you did it the wrong way and my way is the better way." Happens all the time on this here Internet thingy.

No, one night is not enough time to experience Tayrona. And ten days is nowhere near enough to experience Colombia. And traveling during Semana Santa was tricky.

Nevertheless, ten days in Colombia were absolutely marvelous, ecohab and all.