Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Archiving the Archives

The cows have migrated. The simplest files have been deleted.

I'm working on taking down my ancient AOL websites, and cows aside, I'm not even bothering to move most of my past projects to my new server.

They're THAT old. So old that all I can do is copy them onto a hard drive and forget about them.

It's kind of fun to go through the files, but the web sure was clunky in the mid-to-late nineties. I wince when I look at these pages now. I'm not even sure why I left them up as long as I did. No, I am sure. Laziness. When I just took the cows down, I had to delete each file manually. Click-Utilities-Delete-Okay. Sheesh.

First, there's my 1996 overland trip to Central America. Ha! In it, I'm complaining about camping and how I'm not cut out for inconvenience. A wee bit ironic, no? Anyway, I can see from it that I was learning basic HTML as well as some Photoshop tricks. "Oh, is that how you make a collage? And let's try putting a title on a photo."

There's a few other trips that will all be coming down in the next few days.

I note, with some embarrassment, that I never even finished uploading the photos for the first Southeast Asia trip. But at least the fried-rat-on-a-stick is there.

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