Friday, January 11, 2008


Poor Murphy! This is Yancey's dog. She tore a ligament and had to go in for a repair. She is in a lot of pain, having just cried for 24 hours and Yancey isn't getting any sleep right now. She even has a morphine patch.

I used to wish that Yancey had left me the dog along with the apartment. But not now. I'd never be able to carry her up and down the four flights of stairs.

Yancey's place in San Francisco has an elevator.

Here's Murphy in happier days, during one of our sleepovers when I got to dogsit.


Linda said...

Aww! Poor baby!

Elayne said...

Poor pooch, I hope he recovers quickly! And you, you non-Friday-working gal, how could you be out when I visited your office this morning? :) Just in case one of your coworkers lets you know on Monday that this crazed woman in a business suit and trenchcoat stopped by on Friday morning to say hi (one of the staffing agencies has an office in the same building as Teshkeel)...

Marie said...

Oh how funny! I knew there was a staffing agency in our building but what a strange coincidence.

I work from home on a limited basis on Fridays. I also do laundry, go to the post office, and do grocery shopping. I try not to work much on Saturday (though today I am trying to make sense of a bunch of files to send to the Indonesian licensor), and I always work a little on Sundays. That's because Sunday in Kuwait and Cairo is like Monday for us, and there are always questions for me on Sunday mornings.

Did you like our six-foot-tall Noora on the front door? Don't ask me why, but people who go to the Honduran Consulate next door often come to our office first. Yeah, because Honduran Consulates are known for their six-foot-tall superheroes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Marie said...

Murphy is doing MUCH better today, even eating a little peanut butter and standing up.

Elayne said...

Oh, I loved the Noora! It really said "welcome" to me. The staffing agency is on the 8th floor, but the funny thing was that the person I'd come to see telecommutes so I wound up talking to her via online conference anyway, thinking all the time "why couldn't I just do this from my computer at home"... Next time I'm in the area I'll try to stop by, the express bus that takes me home is about half a block away.

vagabondblogger said...

Wow. Poor baby. Our dog had a torn ligament last year and had surgery, where they put in a replacement ligament. Then, just before we were to leave for Cairo, the scar started seeping. They did an exploratory and took out the replacement, as it had broken off and the DR. said it actually helped her real ligament heal. Unfortunately, she was never the same. The surgery hit her pretty hard. I was amazed though, at what they could actually do and how much it helped her. BTW, our vet - no drugs (only for surgery.)

Marie said...

And as it happens... Murphy was crying because the post-op painkillers were too distressing for her! They took her off them and now she's MUCH better. So your vet had a point.

Murphy is pretty old. I think she's even lost her interest in growling at strangers (and strange dogs that would run up to her). I hope she's okay and will be back to squirrel-stalking (her favorite activity outside of tug) in no time.

babyphat523 said...

I can't believe I missed this post! I am so happy to hear that Murphy is doing better!

One of your most dog-lovin'est readers,