Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Diving with Cleopatra

I was never that excited about going to visit Alexandria, Egypt, because I figured most of the sights there were underwater.

Then I stumbled over this. You can scuba dive there to look at what's in the sea.

That sounds really cool, except that I forgot my swimsuit, have no idea where my NAUI license is, and visibility is supposedly terrible.

The first two may be surmountable, but the third? Is it worth the effort and the money?

I am going to send an email now to inquire about introductory dives. Most places offer a single dive alongside a divemaster for an extra fee, and these dives are really shallow anyway. I'll ask about visibility too. If I go to the trouble to do this, I want to be able to see something.


Marie said...

They didn't address the visibility issue but said this. I'd have to work pretty hard to screw this up at only 8 meters max.

Can't go yet though. I have a cold. Maybe next weekend.

>>>Hi Marie
welcome to dive with us and to touch the secrets of CLEOPATRA
don't worry about your lices
our maximum depth is eight meters starit forward easy

Todd said...

Hi Marie, our next dive trip is slated for Egypt. Keep us posted about Alexandria, I'd never thought about that as a destination!

Chip said...

There was a Nova on the night before your post on an archeological "dig" in the Alexandria bay....funny

Marie said...

Did the Nova mention anything about visibility?

robert said...

Here's the page for the episode.

This episode isn't available online, but visability in the show didn't seem that bad.