Sunday, January 20, 2019

Missing Moon

The last time I tried to see a complete lunar eclipse, the rain had been coming down hard, but finally let up just when the eclipse started.

Denise and I put on our raincoats and went over to Newport Mall and climbed up to the top of the parking garage. We walked around looking for the moon for some time, hoping the clouds would give us a break.

They didn't.

Tonight, even after the week of crazy rain, the sky cleared up just enough to where I could step out onto my Burbank balcony and wait.

The atmosphere is still gray enough that we aren't getting the full-on blood moon others did, and my point-and-shoot Lumix did better than my phone even though there was nowhere great to perch my mini-tripod, but at least this time I got to see something.

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William Kendall said...

This recent lunar eclipse, we had overcast and snow. I remember one a couple of summers ago when we had clear skies- until clouds started moving in just as the eclipse was nearing totality.