Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Calculated Cost of Self-Esteem

I've gone through a ton of cash since I returned to the US. More specifically since...well, you know. That last major blow to my personal concept that I'm swell. Men problems.

I added it all up the other day...yikes. I've sure spent a lot on me since then. But I felt these things were worth it, from the personal trainer to the acting classes to the new clothes and haircut.

When I think back to the last break-up I went through, in 2008, I spent more because that time I went rafting on the Grand Canyon to get away from the noises in my head and from the pesky tempting Internet. So I'm doing all right, because this time I'm only up to $2341 for the cold hard cash effect on my psyche. (I include my party in that since this was required to avoid feeling like total shit on my birthday.) 

I have one more assignment to get through after today, which is that I promised a friend of mine I'd get a makeover for fun, but here are two cool things I got this morning.

Both are from Flirt Brooklyn. The top one is a denim pocket skirt with a custom-added ruffle just for me. The other is obviously an octopus bracelet, to match my octopus necklace. I blame my friend Marc's little brother Eric for this--he reminded me of the octopus right when I was at the cash register.

Of course, I don't think I can call him Marc's "little" brother anymore. I'm stuck in a moment in time when he was 17, but he's probably about 41 now. So maybe I need to revise my description.


Ed Ward said...

Now you need an octopus. In an aquarium. In your apartment. They're allegedly very friendly -- affectionate, even -- and of course they're one of the more intelligent invertebrates. Dunno what it'd cost to have the right tank and all, or where you'd get your new pet. But just think of the self-esteem when you come home and Fido the Octopus sees you and lets out a big jet of ink!

Marie Javins said...

I like this idea, because he could tell fortunes and work for his keep.

Ed Ward said...

Bad news is, they only live for one or two years, and eat expensive food: fish, clams, shrimp. Also, if they mate, they die pretty much immediately. Sex makes the males senile, and the females waste away after the eggs hatch.