Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Everyone Loves A Parade

I put together video of the Jersey City Bolivian parade so that everyone can enjoy it.


Mike Hell said...

I love Jersey City. I should have come down from the Heights to see this.

Andrea said...

I also love J.C. I should have come over from Oakland to see it :)


Ed Ward said...

Okay, I got this much figured out: Bolivian Independence Day is Aug. 6.

Now, as to where all the Bolivians in JC came from... You got a lot of Panama hat factories there?

Marie said...

This is one in a series of ethnic festivals that JC has. We also have Filipino, Greek, Italian, Egyptian, Irish, African American, Gay-Lesbian, and Puerto Rican festivals. But I've never seen anything like the Bolivian one. The most energetic ones I'd seen before were the Puerto Rican Day Parade and the Filipino Parade, but they were absolutely NOT on this scale. The most exciting thing I saw before was a pickup truck with girls in prom dresses preening about.

No Panama hats here. Though I once read a whole book about how they are made in ... Ecuador, not Panama at all.

Bolivians definitely know how to party.

Ed Ward said...

Sorry, I got Ecuador and Bolivia mixed up. Sheesh! And I should know better because that was my pal Tom Miller's book!

It was the women with the derbies, that was what confused me.

I do miss Italian street festival food, though. When's that going to happen?