Monday, April 28, 2008

Stalking Dik-Diks with Yasir

Look what popped up in my e-mail!

Yasir (last seen teaching in Cairo) just got back from visiting Kenya with his wife. They had a great trip (though coming home was a bit disappointing, but similar to an experience I had while leaving Cairo.)

You might think something like this:
What? They went to Kenya? Are they crazy? Didn't they just have riots there?

Riots, schmiots. It's not like the country was overrun by maniacs or rabid elephants. The Kenyan media is all over the news, and you can bet we heard about every instance of protest after the elections. We often assume that for everything we hear about, there are dozens of incidents on the ground. Not so...we heard about them all, and not one of them involved rioting lions in Masai Mara.

Worried about the falling dollar? Now is the time to go to Kenya. For tourists, it's as safe as it ever is (meaning you still shouldn't carry a bag in downtown Nairobi), and the dik-diks don't bite.

That said, my interest in contrarian-travel doesn't extend to Zimbabwe right now, during the election recounts.

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