Thursday, April 03, 2008

Marie in Candelaria

I could write for hours about the pros and cons of traveling with another person versus traveling solo.

But this is complicated. I'm used to traveling alone, but I enjoy traveling with some people, like C. So I won't write about it today. There's work to be done here in New York City, and it has nothing to do with Colombia, traveling, or the merits of cooperation or independence.

One thing, though, that I like. Traveling with another person means you end up with photos of yourself. And lucky me, C happens to be an excellent photographer. Here, he snapped a shot of me smiling at my own exhaustion as we trudged up a Candelaria hill (at altitude). Well, I was trudging. He was barreling.


detroit dog said...

Good shot. You look happy.

I think the only person I liked traveling with was my dog. (Don't tell my husband.)

Sara Kocher said...

That is a very nice shot.

Traveling with another person does not necessarily mean you get photos of yourself. J is great in many ways, but photos of me are rare. Photos of the kid, nature, and funny signage are legion, though.

Still, that's much better than one previous boyfriend who shall go unnamed...he took hundreds of architecture shots, but only grudgingly snapped one of me if I requested it. I'd guess he took maybe a dozen photos of me during the entire relationship. I should have taken that as a sign.

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

Gary Erskine said...

I remember travelling to Barcelona for the first time and standing on top of the hills over-looking the city on a crisp but fair November day and having a moment I so desperately wanted to share with someone. Anyone.

The freedom of that first visit (after a split from then girlfriend) was great but sometimes there are moments that need to be shared. Even a short confirmation of the beauty of a place.

Mhairi and I have now been back to Barcelona three times and look forward to many other trips together but I also look forward to venturing out on my own. I don't think there is one option better than another but I do have one piece of advice to impart... always choose a group of nuns to take your picture or a loved up couple as they are hardly likely to run off and steal your camera! Thankfully I have never had to endure such a tragedy.

I suppose you could also Photoshop yourself into older pics of travels (Sara, might be an option? ;)
Next big trips are Switzerland in May and Singapore in June. Have you been to either? Is there anywhere left for you to visit? Thanks for inspiring.


PS - Been nominated for Favourite Inker at the 2008 British Eagle Awards. Part can be attributed to working on The 99 with you and John. Thanks again for the opportunity.