Saturday, April 12, 2008

Found Object

I haven't even finished organizing my photos yet, or digitizing my vinyl, but today was the first stunning day of the season, so I was inspired to launch into other projects.

I put Yancey's air conditioner back into the window I had replaced over the winter. I unpacked lightweight blankets and put away the down comforter, packed up the space heaters, went to the gym, got halfway through an application to a writing workshop, scoured the neighborhood for potential homes to buy (a needs-gutting 4-story house on Pavonia is under $400k now!), drank a smoothie, and started cleaning out the garage.

Everything in the garage fits into one of three categories.

    ·Things that belong there (tools, bike, camping gear, old tax records, window a/c units, tripod, Babc0ck's Shop-Vac)
    ·Things that don't belong anywhere else (cow art, comic books, CD jewel cases, vinyl LPs, Victorian pocket door (needs TLC)
    ·Trash (old furniture, coloring supplies, Roller Blades, VHS tapes, unopened Hong Kong handover Monopoly game (WTF?)

And then I found this. It's the original listing for my Avenue B condo when I sold it in January, 2001. I bought it for $56,500 in 1992. Had I held onto it, I could have gotten $400k later. That's all right. I got to do a lot with the proceeds, including mariesworldtour and buying another place (since sold).

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