Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Detour to Japan

This has nothing to do with this blog, but Yancey sent me this link this morning.

It's a BBC story about four passengers attacking a man who groped a 20-year-old girl on a subway train in Japan. The groper died as a result. Apparently, there are women-only cars in Japan because of all the groping.

And everyone keeps warning me about Kuwait. Ha.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't realize it was still such a problem in Tokyo! However it is a really gross thing.
I actually got groped on a packed nyc subway car what seems a million years ago. but I was so packed in I couldn't tell who it was much less turn around. I loudly announced that the whoever was grabbing my butt better remove their hand before I removed it from their body. They quickly complied with my request and everyone around me started moving and shifting - looking around - lots of mummering - I seem to recall a few people loudly chastizing whoever was the rude perve & threatening bodily harm to them. Thankfully we arrived at the station and I was able to shuffle off with the rest of the squashed masses. I never got onto a packed subway car again.
Congrats on getting the passports!!!
Yeah the adventure continues!!!

Anonymous said...

"2,000 groping incidents on the city's trains last year". That's 5 1/2 incidents a day. I don't know how many people ride the trains in Tokyo but 5 1/2 gropes a day seems pretty low for a problem that has gotten so much press over the years. The NYC subways must have to have more than 5 1/2 gropes a day I would think. No one gropes me on the subway so I'm not sure.

Marie Javins said...

I bet most people don't report groping. What, would you call the police?? I don't know how they'd get statistics on something like this.

My personal experience is this:
I can't speak for Tokyo but Cairo is the grope center-of-the-universe.

Anonymous said...

And I who am going there tomorrow! Good thing I only have one X chromosome.. :-)

On the other hand, I was once groped in the Moscow metro by a female KGB officier supposedly searching for contraband so I guess you never know...

Anonymous said...

Marie: i agree - where DO they get these statistics? I certainly wouldn't/didn't call the police - I couldn't even tell who was doing it!'s always somethin...

When do you leave for Kuwait? Have you figured out air logistics yet?

I'm so excited for you!