Sunday, April 01, 2012

More Stories

I put up a few more stories on Cowbird.

Be warned. One of them was originally written in a furious scribble* to get something out of my system on a particularly hideous New Year's Day. I revised it later trying to see how different expectations change and affect someone's point-of-view. Or at least my point-of-view.

One friend of mine read it and said simply, "Geez. How depressing."

Which is true.

The other story is not quite as depressing but it's still kind of embarrassing and unpleasant.

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing on Cowbird, or what exactly it is. I can't promise I'll stay there, but I've definitely had the opportunity to post things that are nothing like what I post here or in any of my professional work.

*Please understand that as of a few hours ago, thanks to the magic Internet, I learned all about how people use emotional distancing to shut down and push people away when they have PTSD or dysfunctional backgrounds, and this fellow had been through a rough divorce, so he was just letting his instincts run the show. Yes, he was a jerk. But no, I shouldn't have cared and it wasn't really his fault, unless not getting therapy can be a fault. I should have kicked his ass out on the spot instead of spending six more months trying to figure out why he was so cold to me.  (Yes, I have this too and so do other people I end up not-close to and not understanding why. 1) I earned it. 2) I'm learning how to change the procedure.) 

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