Monday, April 09, 2012

Skype Tarot with Julia

This charming and adorable woman is Julia, who I met in Chiang Mai when Toby was reading a Chinese vocabulary book at a coffee shop. She walked over and introduced herself, because she'd just been teaching English in China. 

I gave Julia some new sandals I'd bought because they didn't fit me quite right and we had the same size feet. She casually mentioned she did tarot card readings by Skype. 

I'd been thinking about looking her up for a while. This was too intriguing to pass up. I emailed her last week and we set up a reading for Sunday morning. 

I had a great time listening to her and she was good company all around. Plus, she did a fun reading, and somehow managed to have insight into what I was thinking about even though my video camera wasn't working and she barely knows me. 

Some people have a real talent for subtext and intuitive understanding of others.

Or maybe it's just the cards. 

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