Saturday, April 07, 2012

Country Counting Update

Edward Readicker-Henderson is up to his old tricks, trying to beat me in Strip Passport. He is booking a really good year as far as travel...but of course, he is overlooking the fact that I had an exceptionally good year in 2011.

I can't even figure out how many countries I've been to. Is Vatican City a country? Antarctica? Western Sahara? Tibet? Is Easter Island Chile or is it Easter Island? Hong Kong? Does spending the night at the airport hotel in Taiwan count? I have no idea.

I'm trying to figure it out, but not having a lot of success. Looking at this list of countries, I come up with 100 countries that I've visited.

But Hong Kong isn't a country, not really. Why does this list consider Hong Kong and Macau to be countries, but not Tibet? And does anyone really think Morocco is ever letting go of Western Sahara? I didn't count "West Bank," as it seems odd that both Gaza and West Bank were listed as countries. And really...come the hell on already...Vatican City? Really? REALLY?

Country counting is slippery, not just ethically which is of course obvious and an easy way to mock people who count, but it's also slippery on the math.

All I know is this:

I am still ahead, and have no intention of surrendering my lead. Good luck, Edward.


Linda said...

I think spending the night in an airport hotel counts. Just changing planes in an airport, probably not.

Alexander Rapp said... seems a better/more consistent place to start. That lists 207 sovereign states, including 14 that are not UN members.

I went to Tomboctou a few years ago; do I get to count Azawad now?

Marie Javins said...

Wow, I just looked at Alexander's map of his travels. He's been around!

Marie Javins said...

Hey, now I'm only at 95 countries, using that list.

Alexander Rapp said...

Not quite as much as you have, but thank you.