Friday, February 10, 2012

Erik's Book

On Wednesday night, I headed to the opening party for the new Fancy Fast Food book.

Fancy Fast Food is a project by a fellow travel writer, Erik Trinidad. I know Erik from travel events around Manhattan (plus he's been to Bundt Night), and a few years ago, after we attended a reading a Half-King on the outskirts of Chelsea, Erik was hunting for a Wendy's. Or something like that. The details are blurry. All I remember is that he needed ingredients to food-style something gross into something stunning (but still gross-tasting). Check out his blog to see things like McBibimbap and Chicken Pizza Masala (Pizza Hut).

Erik has made a book now, complete with recipes and stylized photos of his silly foods. His friend Moe illustrated it, and the book looks marvelous. Plus, I had a great night out with Roberta, Ray, Carly, and for a while, Moe.

I am also grateful to Erik for linking to from his article on quitting your job to travel the world.

Here's Erik's new book, complete with online discount. Enjoy it--I'm certainly amused.

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