Thursday, February 16, 2012

Packing Up the Guidebooks

Ugh, I have all these old guidebooks to throw out or recycle. I don't know if you can recycle paperbacks—what about the glue in the spine?

You can tell these are really old by their design. The current Lonely Planets don't have bands across the top and bottom.

How old are these? Embarrassingly old. I used the East Africa, Central Asia, and Berlin ones in 2001. Eek. The information in these books is not going to be real useful to me.

Or to anyone else. I can't even donate them.

But I've learned my less and am being proactive this time. I bought a lot of Bradt guidebooks before I left home for my 2011 trip. I took notes, scanned in what I could, and left these heavy books home in favor of my Kindle.

So now, before they get old, I've boxed them all up for trade-in. Angola, Nigeria, two copies of the Congos guidebook, and a Lonely Planet Tahiti, all going out to the third-party reseller. I can't even take the time to sell these myself on Amazon, or they might end up past their pull date.

They go into the post tomorrow. 

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Steve Buccellato said...

Here's a stupid story idea: Worldly person collects outdated travel guides and sells them to people in the past using a time machine and Makes a million dollars. Unfortunately,after inflation, the million dollars is only worth about 10 grand. Costs more to run the time machine. It's a sad story.