Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun with Gadgets

I found an old 3G iPhone in my electronics recycling pile when I got home from MariesWorldTour. (When Ray sublet from me, he wasn't sure what to do with some old hard drives and a broken iPhone, so he asked me to recycle them, which I can as a resident of Jersey City.) 

I don't think he counted on my fascination with taking things apart, though.

The 3G phone wouldn't turn off. The case was broken—Ray found it on the ground, cracked and semi-functional—and the power switch doesn't work. I tried to erase the phone but can't get past the start-up pineapple icon. I tried letting the battery run out as a restart, but I still get the pineapple when I plug the phone in. (iPhones unlocked with the pwnage tool give you a pineapple instead of an apple.)

The next step is to take the case off and sort out the on-off switch manually. I ordered a $14.95 back case for this thing, which might help, but I may still end up with a pineapple that won't stop when all this is over.

But look at all the fun I'm having in the meantime.

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