Saturday, April 03, 2010

Big Rock Stony Mountain

See this big rock? I'm going to go check it out this spring. I think it's Snake Hill, a famous big basalt rock near Secaucus Junction train station. I've never gotten a real close view of it before due to being located south of it and seldom having a reason to go through Secaucus. (Last night I was going to Montclair to see Wilco perform, but I was bored and left an hour into it. I was far more interested in Snake Hill and also in the bus ride through Newark that I took on the way home.)

This rock used to be 25 percent bigger but it was quarried and the basalt went to build structures in nearby places like JC. I wonder where I could find the basalt near my apartment. Maybe it went into the base of some of the railroad embankments or into buildings.

Nowadays, there is a park around Snake Hill. Well, to the north of it. South of it is the NJ Turnpike and the railroad. But the park has trails and a canoe launch. I'm fascinated with the idea of catching a train out of Penn Station and being in this park in ten minutes. Though I might let laziness win and just drive there.

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