Friday, April 23, 2010

Maybe It'll Just Go Away On Its Own

So I have this zit to tell you about.

Which probably isn't the way that you thought I'd start my day on the morning-after occasion of my 44th birthday, a day when normally I'd be wallowing and bemoaning the state of my so-called life, which is currently full of mind-numbing repetitive items on lists. I shuffle from office to errand to school to bed, and sometimes I eat and stuff. If I weren't invisible, you'd see that my eyes are glassy and I no longer blink. Wow, is there anything more thrilling that settling down?

Well, yeah, there's a zit. That's a thrill a minute.

Sometime last summer, I noticed a red zit in between my eyes. Not a massive horrid one, but a noticeable large red spot.

And that was all. I noticed it. I forgot about it. The end.

Except it wasn't the end. I'd notice it every few weeks and sometime in the middle of fall, I realized it had been there for many months and that no amount of poking it or rubbing anything into it had any effect on this "zit."

More months went by. No change.

Eventually, I started to get a little worried. What kind of zit hangs around for almost a year? Why wouldn't it go away? Was there an unknown danger in having a big red zit between the eyes for months on end? What does skin cancer look like?

And so it went.

Finally, about eight months after I'd first noticed it, I looked up a dermatologist on my health insurance plan and went over.

She was young and efficient and still seemed interested, unlike one of those doctors that just appears overworked and tired, almost eye-rolling when you describe a minor ailment.

"The reason it hasn't gone away is that it isn't a zit. But it's not toxic. It's a broken blood vessel. They just happen sometimes."

"Will it go away?"



"Can you make it go away?"

"Yes, with a laser. But you will have a bruise there, on you face, between the eyes, for about a week. And your insurance doesn't cover it."

Oh hell.

"Make it go away."

I put the appointment off for a few months but today is the day. I get a big bruise between the eyes for my birthday.

This isn't a good weekend to meet for brunch.

On the plus side, I have to do my Flash final anyway. This will keep me in the house.

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Linda said...

I just recovered from the second time of having broken blood vessels in one of my eyes. It looked terrible! Each time it happened the morning after taking a painkiller/anti-inflammatory. I don't think it's a coincidence. So keep track.