Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nice View

Which view is better, the one from the Top of the Rock or the one from the Empire State Building?

In my opinion, it's a draw. The ESB has the history, the monkey, and you can see the Chrysler Building.

But one thing you can't see from the Empire State Building.



Marc Siry said...

Hey, next time you go to Top of Rock, give us in Middle of Rock a buzz!

Marie said...

I'd say "You're not there at night," except that I read on Facebook that you've been putting in some long hours.

Marc Siry said...

Yep, I was there until 11:15 last night. Unfortunately, the commissary closes at 6, so I had pretzels and trail mix for dinner (didn't have the time to go down to the Concourse for a Subway sandwich).

I'm sure this conversation is fascinating to regular readers of your blog, and doubly so to the cyborg readers of the far future, scouring the rusted remains of the Google archives on a blasted, post-apocalyptic landscape. Hi, cyborgs!

Marie said...

Maybe they'll improve on the human model. No-carbon emission cyborgs.