Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tax Time

I'm getting my tax materials together.

I'm not a big spender... my worst offenses are in books and computer/internet-related items.

But then there's travel, the biggest line item by far at $5,107.38 for 2008. That's not bad when you consider that I went to Colombia, Bolivia, and rafted the Grand Canyon.

Excluding cash expenses of snacks and souvenirs on the road, I spent a mere $989.56 on Colombia, $1124 on Bolivia/Peru (paid for all but the daily out-of-pocket in 2008), and yowza... $2728.90 for rafting the Grand Canyon.

Looks like I'll be on a tight budget and only trips related to Kuwait for a while.

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Pville Peg said...

I wished I could go along on all 3 trips, but the one that's on my 'life list' (as in, must do at least once before I die) is rafting the Grand Canyon. So, I think your priorities are right in line. Heck, it's only money. I lost a lot more than that in my 401k, and didn't get to go anywhere cool.