Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Better than Being Dead

Oh, ick.

It's another one of those days, when I reflect on my achievements of the past year and wallow in the hopelessness of the human condition and wonder what exactly it is about me that sends men scampering for the hills.

Or rather jungle or tundra or the nearest available hostel.

But strangely, rather then whining about how a year ago, I thought I'd gotten it right this time and found a decent man who was a good deal less commitment-phobic than my usual swashbucklers, I'm feeling pretty good and like "Screw him and the way he didn't just dump me but rather obliterated me from his stuck-in-the-past work-obsessed existence" and there's the additional knowledge of this:

I don't have to be like everyone else. So I'm single, childless, alone, and struggling to make peace with staying in one place and holding down a job and normal life instead of roaming the planet.

So what. Many people might call that lucky.

43 and gaining wisdom. Happy birthday to me.


Zora said...

No doubt! I know it sounds hypocritical coming from a married lady, but you're doing just fine. And I love my husband and all, but being married is a major cramp in your style if you're used to being independent and making your own decisions and your own life.

And, uhhh, is it juvenile to point out that the word I'm seeing below for word verification is 'pricksty'? Make of it what you will...

Zora said...

And happy birthday!

Marie said...

Prick-sty!!! It's like a pig-sty but it's where they keep all the... uh... never mind.

Thanks for the note. I'm sure you're quite right which is why the whining stops here for me today. See you soon.

Pville Peg said...

Happy birthday & happy earthday!
It must be time to sing you the birthday song. Imagine this to the tune of "Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay" (You know, "It's howdy-doody-time"--no wait, you're too young for that one...see, you're not as old as you think!) Anyhow, here goes:

This is your birthday song.
It isn't very long.

Amanda Castleman said...

Marie, you have one of the most exciting lives I know of – and that's saying a lot in this profession. You are brainy and beautiful and bold. Also hilarious. I'm glad you're not like everyone else.

Happy b-day. Big hugs, Ax.