Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Look, Up in the Sky

A helium balloon is hovering over Central Park, but only until August 22nd. I was anxious to get on-board. But on Saturday, the line was much too long.

Yesterday morning, I went at around 8:15, but learned that the wait would be longer than an hour. One of my two bosses was coming into my office, so I didn't want to stroll in late. I bagged the balloon idea and went back this morning.

I made it up, but only because I was alone. I got to go in the basket with a mother and two little girls (who squealed in fear and joy), and another single passenger. Had I been with another person, I would not have been singled out and pulled out of the long line before CNN and Disney both showed up, preempting the passengers waiting in line.

That's the second time this summer that being alone has been a real advantage, the first being when I got the last spot on the Grand Canyon rafting trip. It's a trade-off, though. I miss a lot of things when I feel too awkward to go alone.


Gary Erskine said...

Amazing view (I imagine) from the balloon. Still to chalk up that expoerience on my wishlist of 'must do's'

I agree that there can be a lot of wonderful experiences be got by being alone. The freedom to choose your own path and schedule. The flexibility and price of travel and accommadaion. The independence.

The downside? Being unable to share that moment. It's a tough call. Having been in both situations I reckon we have a draw.

Look forward to more of your adventures soon. Mhairi and I wil be heading to NY next year and would hope to catch up with you then. Couldn't wish for a more interesting and creative guide.



Marie said...

Exactly. There are so many experiences I'd never get if I were traveling with another person.

But it's not my choice to be alone. It's just lemonade from lemons, y'know. And the lemonade CAN be marvelous or sour, depending on my mood and the circumstances.

Kevie said...

Here's your next conquest... this is a real thing, but I think it's only in Europe so far. I wish I'd seen your blog post sooner, I could have saved myself a photo search!


Marie said...

Kevin, is it just me or does that look SCARY?

Kevie said...

Right? I don't know how anybody gets any food down. Or what if you have to go to the bathroom or worse? You can't tell me that someone hasn't puked off that thing and wrecked everybody's meal!

Marie said...

Yep, completely terrifying. And isn't it enough already to be occasional shit on by pigeons? Now we also have to watch out for people vomit and salad forks?