Saturday, August 08, 2015


She quickly sewed up a satchel
for carrying my purchases home.
I'd been bombing out on finding women's clothing boutiques in L.A. I'd tried searching my favorite indie designer's websites for outlets here and hadn't had any luck. I'd found one nice thing in DTLA and the proprietor of that shop had suggested I try Silverlake.

So today I used Yelp to find a boutique at Sunset Junction, and caught the bus over. Which was dead easy. The key to the bus in LA seems to be travel-on-main-arteries. Buses run frequently on Hollywood, Sunset, and Santa Monica.

And now Matrushka is my favorite local clothing shop. The owner even tailored her shirts to fit me, on the spot.

"I think I've seen your label before," I said. "Do you sell anywhere else?"

"No, just here."

"You should sell at Flirt Brooklyn. It's a boutique where they make a lot of their own stuff and also stock independent designers."

"I think that's the one place I do sell..."

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KB said...

Cool clothes. Thanks for sharing.