Friday, July 31, 2015

Culture Shock-ish

I've hit a wall lately and been kind of blue. How blue? You know, dejected. Disappointed. Things have been drudge-y. My friends are mostly back East, and the ones I have here I haven't seen much or are out of town. The distance between the West Side and Burbank/East seems massive. And finding a place to live that is affordable, and easy commute, and not a hideous box seems impossible. I desperately miss my home, or maybe just knowing what to do.

I was feeling sorry for myself a few days ago, when it hit me.

The alienation. The uncertainty. The blue mood. Wait, I know this one! 

It's exactly what happens after the thrill of novelty wears off when I go abroad for an extended period of time. Once the sense of adventure turns into an awareness that one is isolated from friends and family and without an easy exit.

The good news is it goes away.

The bad news is it comes and goes at unexpected times for many months before it goes away.

And so I steel myself for the latest journey abroad, though this one doesn't require a passport. 

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Dick -Photographer said...

You are always pushing the envelope! and I admire you!