Friday, February 14, 2014

Umbrella School

As a little celebratory gift to myself for getting Art of Captain America and Oregon Trail #3 to press, I gave myself the gift of umbrella-making school.

Yes, there is a class in New York on how to make an umbrella.

It is kind of ridiculous, because the class alone costs $70. But then, it is two sessions of three hours each. But then you have to buy all the materials too, including the laminated fabric, pattern, umbrella frame, and assorted thread and bobbins and glue. You even bring your own cutting scissors, tape, and paper-cutting scissors. I spent another $70 just on materials and I haven't even bought the frame yet.

It's by far the most expensive umbrella I've ever purchased, and there's no way I'll carry it around. It's going to be much too large.

But it sure is fun getting out of the house and concentrating on something not on my computer, not involving words, and with a tangible, instant result. 

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