Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oil Tank Test Results

UPDATE: 8/22/16. Congratulations to the newly contracted buyer of this house. The owners removed the oil tank in 2014, and in May of 2016, public records indicate activity in front of the city council. I don't know what, but perhaps that's an all-clear report. Seems obvious to me that putting money into escrow during my contract would've been easier on them, but they were able to sell for more in the current market, and I ended up with a much better house in a great location. So it all worked out in the end, but they had two years of fun in there involving this leaking tank. All seems good now.  

Because I like to help people with their disclosure needs, I am posting the results from the soil test involving the leaking oil tank which takes on water at a house I was trying to buy in Jersey City Heights.

I'm nothing if not helpful to people who spent 2,500 of my dollars with no apparent intent of cooperating with seller's liabilities and responsibilities. 

Sigh. I was THIS CLOSE to owning a house. And now I'm back at zero. 

Oh well. Next? 

Just to clarify, a result of 9830 is only a mere 70 away from mandatory state intervention. Damn lucky, wouldn't you say? Not for me, though.

Oh, and did I mention we also had asbestos? I was already going to have to shoulder the cost of removing that and dealing with cracks in the stucco AND a leaking chimney. I was actually looking forward to redoing the floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and installing new windows. The roof and the boiler were on the new side, at least. 

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