Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Here's how my office looked at the end of today.

I cleared out the flat files and put stuff into boxes. I pulled some of the posters off the walls and disconnected the network. The two huge laser printers are ready to go. The Mac so old it's only worth $11 is disconnected.

I booked the office cart and got a pass to get the stuff out of the building. I located a parking lot downstairs -- it's hard to park next to Penn Station on a weekday and we're not allowed to use the freight elevators on weekends.

I'm not totally out of the office yet and I have it until July 31 officially. But I'm leaving town the 12th, so I need to make progress with this. I still have to go through papers and figure out how to notify various tax authorities that we have no more US office.

I've left this job before, specifically to embark on MariesWorldTour.com 2011. But it feels stranger this time. I've enjoyed being Editor in Chief, and I've been the boss of "Creative" for so many years now.

What'll come next, I wonder.

Dragging all this stuff to my garage and then figuring out what to do with it, I guess. 

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