Saturday, June 01, 2013

Archival Coloring

I have a nice new MacBook Air—well, not that new, I've had it for months but it took ages for me to sort through all my files on the old MacBook—and I've been looking around my apartment for one of those microfiber cleaning cloths you use to dust off the screen.

I have a pile of stuff in the back of my desk, which has shelves as legs. Here, I'll upload a photo to the right. This is from 2007, when I first bought the desk.

There was no cleaning kit in the back of my desk.

But what was this? A large envelope full of...what?

I pulled it out and opened it up.

Color guides.

Mostly Donald Duck, but also some X-Men, Captain America, Sleepwalker, and X-Force.

What am I going to do with these? The golden age of selling these on eBay was the mid-nineties. I'm not even sure people know what they are now, in the age of Photoshop.

I put them back in the envelope and slid them back into the desk.

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