Thursday, August 30, 2012

Into the Closest Thing We Have to Woods

I entered the Public Theater's Virtual Ticketing lottery TWENTY-FIVE times trying to get tickets to the current Central Park production of Into the Woods.

It only took me about a week of trying for As You Like It earlier in the summer. Usually, it takes about one to five tries, but of course when Al Pacino was in Merchant of Venice a few years back, I never won the lottery at all, and ended up forking over the dough for a paid ticket when the production went to Broadway.

I was stunned when I opened my 1 p.m. ticket results email yesterday and read not the usual "Unfortunately, you have not been selected..." text, but instead was informed that I should race up to pick up my tickets between 5-7.

Great! Roberta and I had been trying to go for ages. I was even thinking about getting out of bed at five in the morning and going to wait in the real line until ticket distribution at one.

We headed up right before show time and saw our second free play of the season. Wonderful.


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Marie Javins said...

I tried to get them when you were here, but I failed. :(

Anonymous said...

That's okay. I enjoyed being able to converse, which would have been not so possible if we were watching a play.