Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ha Ha Ha

I went over to DUMBO on Friday to go to an Etsy crafts meet-up, but one look at the admission queue that snaked around the block convinced me that I did in fact NOT want to go to the Etsy crafts meet-up after all.

So instead I proofread a friend's manuscript while sitting in a coffee shop, then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back to the PATH train.

Yeesh, that wasn't the smartest move. The bridge was packed full of slow-moving sightseers, all sluggish and lumbering, weighted down by knapsacks and foam Statue of Liberty crowns.

This was one of those ideas that seemed much more atmospheric in my imagination than in reality. I might do it again.

In December on a Tuesday morning.

But I did see this on the bridge, a marker of some sort indicating some imperfection that needs repairing. And it made me laugh, 555, because 5 sounds like "ha" in Thai, and the Thai version of LOL is 555.

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